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Welcome to FCN Bank. As with each of our office locations, we strive to achieve expert financial services provided in the friendly, hometown way you've come to expect from FCN. For over a century, FCN has been a locally owned and operated bank, committed to the prosperity of the communities we serve.

At FCN Bank, our people are our greatest asset. We are truly a local bank, headquartered in Brookville, with offices also in the nearby towns of Batesville, Everton, Harrison, and Sunman. In this day of banking and other corporate mergers, and the emergence of national and even global banks, some of which operate exclusively via the internet, we continue to provide local, face-to-face service to the communities that we serve. We believe that you prefer to place your trust in people that you know, with people who are your neighbors.

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Contact Information Contact Information

FCN Banc Corp.,
501 Main Street
P.O. Box 37
Brookville, IN 47012
(765) 647-4116
Investor Relations Contact
Ms. April Berne
(765) 547-1125